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Designed for individuals and home users to download from the Internet, U2 NAS supports two SATA hard disks (capacity up to 4TB), has advanced RAID setting and hot plugging function, and is multifunctional disk array storage system with large capacity and nice appearance. Although small in size, U2 NAS has large capacity. · Capacity is available in 500GB, 640GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. · Fashionable, modern, smooth metal shell design · Flat or upright as you wish
Terra Master U2 NAS is home dual hard disk NAS storage device. Its CPU has advanced storage capacity and supports two 3.5-inch SATAI/II hard disks. Single hard disk is up to 2TB, and the whole is up to 4TB. U2 NAS supports JBOD, RAID0 and RAID1 hard disk modes. Made of simple and high-grade aluminum magnesium alloy and especially equipped with high-power quiet fan, it ensures your data security and safe use, allowing you to enjoy high quality like diamond. U2 NAS supports LAN high-speed gigabit network interface card and has BT independent downloading function and DHCP, FTP, SMB services. It is also equipped with LAN RJ45 gigabit Ethernet ports, compatible with 10/100/1000 network, USB external expansion interfaces (external hard disk needs FAT32 format) multi-function switch mode. It features internet downloading entertainment and home data security storage and is storage product necessary for home entertainment network download.
High-capacity data storage:
U2 NAS can run all day and is the best choice for family and personal network.
BT downloading:
Independent BT downloading Configured LAN gigabit network interface card. Terra Master U2 NAS can independently download online information, entertainment, film and television, etc by BT and support remote management.
High-speed disk array technology, using RAID storage mode First apply server RAID0 high-speed disk array technology into home users’ computers. Two-disk storage is available at the same time, which makes speed increase by 50%~80%. Data loading speed significantly improves. Immediate access to high-speed data storage world requires no waiting. U2 NAS has powerful and advanced scalability and can also carry out online RAID capacity expansion and online RAID-level migration settings. It may smoothly increase the total capacity of RAID and upgrade RAID level data backup security while retaining the original data and non-stop.
Strong, stable, high-expansion storage platform With leading technology and stable framework, shockproof, dustproof, anti-electromagnetic radiation function, F2-800 has built-in intelligent voltage stabilizer, which can protect hard disk and prevent data loss and damage in case of voltage instability, instantaneous power failure or other unforeseen circumstances. F2-800 made of aluminum-magnesium alloy has the advantages of high speed, good heat dissipation, security and stability.

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