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Guide for Quick Installation of N5

Thank you for choosing this product.

This quick guide will help you install and use this product efficiently; if you would like to learn how to set up this product more specifically, please consult and read the product description brochure in which there are more detailed instructions.

Safety Instruction

Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and keep this page for future reference.

1Do NOT place the product anywhere near chemical products or directly under the sun.

Please maintain a steady temperature in the environment in which this product is used and placed.

2. Please place the product horizontally on a level plane. The product must not be erected into a standing vertical position.

3. Do NOT place the product in or around water or any other liquid.

4. When cleaning, unplug from the power socket, and then use wet towels to wipe the product. Do NOT use chemical products or spray cleaning agents.

5.Do not place the product on an unstable surface in case of breakage from dropping.

6. Ensure the circuit connected with the product can provide adequate electric quantity for the operation of the product.

7.Please visit follow link, you can find all details about Noontec N5 there.


n  3.5 single hard disk NAS

n  iTune media server

n  Support file server, ftp server, DLNA, Bittorent down load and PT down load, Samba server.

n  Smartphone and tablet mobile access.

n  Personal cloud storage


Packing accessories:

l  GigaLink N5 product unit

l  USB cable

l  RJ45 LAN cable

l  User manual

l  External power adapter


l  Economical Solution For Home Media Center

l  Noontec GigaLink N5 is an ideal media center for family. It doesn’t cost you much, on the contrary

l  providing powerful necessary functions for users. Thanks to the simple user interface, you can use

l  such product like a common consumer product.

l  Support iTune media server, sharing your media at home for Apple devices.

l  Support Mobile access from iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet in local area network

l  Use noontec GigaLink N5 Home NAS just like a personal cloud storage, simply access to this home

l  NAS from your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet while you on the way of business or

l  vocation. To have a high speed high capacity cloud storage, noontec home NAS is the right answer.

l  Cloud storage for PC, Android smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad via internet

l  File Server, FTP server, SAMBA Server, Bittorent and PT download

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